Problems with Purchases

Hello Archers!

Sometimes unexpected errors happen and you may have troubles with purchasing currencies. 

If this is your case then please contact us and include the following information:


  • Your Game ID Number, you should be able to find it by navigating to your player profile, you can do this by tapping or clicking the top left corner depending on the platform you are using. Your Game ID Number will be under the Nickname.

  • The receipt of the purchase, this will have been sent to the email address you have associated with your Application Store account.

Please do not send us any information about your Credit Card as we do not store said information.

Attention: Sometimes purchases may take a while to go through, this may be caused by several reasons like Bank Transactions delays and communication, please contact us only after at least 24 hours have passed since your purchase was made!

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

And remember an archer cannot hit the bullseye without knowing where the target is!

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