Improve your game experience

This is a suggestion for those who feel that your game is running slowly, crashing or closing without apparent reason.

The information will be divided between platforms (web / mobile).

Troubleshooting steps for the web version of the game:
- Use Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla or Microsoft Edge browsers for better performance
- If you are experiencing lag you should restart your browser
- Close all other tabs of your browser for better performance
- If you have your browser running for a while in background, you should restart it before playing
- Make sure you are using a stable and reliable Wireless connection
- If the above is not possible, try a wired connection and see if this improves

For the mobile version of the game:
- Close all applications using the multitasking function of the device
- Make sure only the game is running
- Try to restart the device and even reinstall the game if this is still not improving
- Make sure you are not using a Guest account before reinstalling

 We also suggest that at least once per week you clear the cache of your browser / device

If you are using a browser please check the following link, there you will find the information on how you can clear the cache on your browser:

Clear cache on a browser

If you are using an android:

You can check the following link (please be aware that different operative systems have different ways to clear the cache/data): 

Clear cache and data on an android device 

On iOS it is not possible to clear the cache.


As a bonus, here is a list of software to help your devices perform better in general:

For the computer:

Ccleaner (for sorting out Windows' registry, can also be used to clear cache)

Fraps (for taking screenshots and recording videos)

Bandicam (Screen capture)

Drive booster (Driver Booster allows you to update your drivers safely and securely)

For android

Applock (Set a password for when someone tries to open the application)

Clear Master Lite (Junk file cleaning, phone boost, battery saver)

Du Recorder (record your game experience)

For iOS:

Iapplockpro (Set a password for when someone tries to open the application)

Du Recorder (record your game experience)

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