Free Coins and Offers: Subscribe Again/Unsubscribe Our Emails

Have you unsubscribed from our emails offering free coins by mistake and would like to receive them again?

Maybe it’s the other way around and you would like to not receive them.


Here are some steps on how to do this:


To subscribe again:


Start by looking for one of our emails in your inbox and open it. Look for where it says "To stop receiving these emails, Unsubscribe Here or update your Profile". Please click where it says "update your Profile".




You will be taken to the Profile Centre and you can then go to the bottom where it says "Unsubscribe From All”.




To receive our emails again please untick the box. From then on you should receive our emails again! 😊
Please note it might take a few days for you to start receiving them.



Subscribe/Unsubscribe only certain emails/games:


If there are only certain games you would like to subscribe/unsubscribe from, please follow the same steps as to subscribe again, and in the Profile Center, go where it says “Subscription Center” in the top left corner. You will be taken to a screen where you can select the option you wish for each game.



To unsubscribe:


Open one of our emails and click where it says "click here to unsubscribe" right at the top.


Another option is to follow all the same steps as to subscribe again and then tick the box at the bottom "I no longer wish to receive any future publications."


As always, if there any any questions or doubts please feel free to contact us!




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