Games Modes

On Super Jump League you have 4 game modes:

  • Duel 1 vs 1
  • Brawl 4 players rumble (free for all)
  • Team vs Team
  • Event 


Inside of each one of our game modes you will find another game mode. You can play Deathmatch, Hotpotato or Capture the Flag (only available on TvT).


  • Deathmatch - you will need to kill your opponent(s) by jumping on top of their champions 3 times to win the game.
  • Hotpotato - you or your opponent will start with a bomb that goes off after some time (of course the timer is not visible 😂). You will need to pass the bomb to your opponent before it explodes. Good luck! 

TEAM and EVENT: Comming Soon! Stay tuned for more and follow us on FACEBOOK










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