How does the Mystery Roll work?

Here is where things get amazing 😎! On this section of the game, you can win amazing prizes and also unlock new characters. 

On your left top corner, you have 3 types of tickets.


Each one of those tickets is linked to our game Rolls.


If you wish to try your luck on any of the Rolls, you will need to have at least ten tickets. In this case, lucky for us, we have 22 bronze tickets. This means that we can roll twice and still have two spare tickets for the next time. Another awesome thing is that you get a free Roll per day but if you watch a video you get another one. 💪

This means that, if you wish to try your luck on Silver or Golden Rolls, you will need to have that specific type of ticket. The Silver ticket is the one in the middle and the Golden the last. We wish you good luck! 😉

If you do not have any tickets, you can always pay for another roll with Gems or check our shop for more Tickets, Medals and Coins.




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