Power-Ups 😍?! How they work?

Power-Ups give your champions an edge in the game. There are several types and you can check them out in-game, as well as see what each one does (help out in a jump, defense or attack).

To equip your Power-Ups just tap the power-up display bar on the upper-left corner on Pick a Mode or Pick an Arena.

Here you can see which ones are available in game at this moment. Some Power-Ups will be locked by player level, so you need to increase the level of your account in order to unlock them.

You can purchase and equip any Power-Up you wish to use before your battle by just tapping on it. You can see what Power you have selected and what it does on the bottom of the list.

If you wish to have more Power-Ups in your inventory, you can check our in-game shop and select the tab POWER-UPS. There you will have a selection of all the ones available in-game and how many coins you will need to get them. 

It's always cheaper to purchase a bundle of items in the shop because you will get better value here than by purchasing one item at a time.

You can also see how many items you have of each type in the green hexagon, next to each item.


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