Silver, Gold, RP and Free RP

There are several in-game currencies used for different things. So, how do you get them? What are they used for? Fear not, this article will give you all the information you need!


  • Silver is the primary currency for in-game purchases;
  • It can be earned in battles or exchanged from gold (performing better will earn you more Silver at the end of a match!);
  • Can be used for upgrades, refills, supplies, ammo, loadouts and gun sights, or used to convert RP into Free RP.


  • Gold can be used to buy supplies, special ammo, rockets and bombs, sighting devices, paints, boosters, and Premium Planes;
  • Can be used to acquire Premium Accounts;
  • Can be converted to Silver, used to convert Free RP, or to buy supply crates and packs.


  • Stands for Research Point;
  • Used to research a specific plane and are won by playing with a plane (may vary from plane to plane);
  • Mainly earned after finishing a Team Death Match or Base Defense game mode, as well as in the League.

Free RP

  • Used to research any plane and can replace RP when researching planes;
  • Earned after finishing a Team Death Match or Base Defense, in the League, through daily logins, dropped supply crates, or when game missions are completed;
  • You can get a large amount Free RP in a short time with enough Gold, by converting RP of Premium Planes.
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