Leveling Up and Modules

Leveling your planes is a key feature of the game, so it's very important that you truly understand what each module means. 

A plane can only level up through Team Death Match, Base Defense or League. Only after leveling up the plane can you unlock features, including engine upgrades, weapon enhancements and modification components that can strengthen the plane's defenses. Modifying a plane can make it even more powerful.

These modification components can be unlocked after a plane reaches a certain level, then Silver must be used to upgrade these 5 parts.

Power: The plane's engine provides the plane with power. Upgrading it will increase the plane's flying speed and speed up the plane’s acceleration.
Fuselage: provides the plane with mobility. Upgrading it will improve the plane's steering capability and maximum energy.
Weapon: provide the plane with firepower. Upgrading them will increase the plane's firepower armor penetration level, incendiary level and magazine capacity.
Armor: provides the plane with protective capability. Upgrading it can increase the plane's resistance to various types of bullets.
Rack: must be equipped in order to carry rockets, bombs or other weapons that are used in air or on the ground.
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