Why and How to upgrade a Guest Account?

As indicated already in our Forum and in our community, Miniclip strongly suggests upgrading any Guest account to avoid any data loss. Why? 

Here you are, enjoying this brand new game! You already leveled up significantly, but you lose access to your Guest Account. 

in most of the cases, there is no way for us to recover your Guest Account, so it's lost forever. But if you link your game account to a Facebook, you'll be safe!

How to do this?

If you access your settings, you'll see a "Facebook Login" icon. By clicking it, you'll link your account to the Facebook account that is logged-in in the device.

The logging with the Facebook option allows players to get several goods such as:

  • 5 bucks for free
  • Playing on multiple devices
  • Keep your progress safe.
  • Invite and challenge your friends for a match

Now you can enjoy this amazing game and challenge your friends!

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