Plane Types and the Tech Tree

There are five types of planes in War Wings: Turn FighterEnergy FighterHeavy FighterInterceptor, and Attacker.

  • Turn Fighter: Strongest maneuverability, easy to take huge turns, but possess low speed. The maneuverability gets worse when the speed gets higher.
  • Energy Fighter: Fastest speed and excellent maneuverability at high speed, but the performance gets worse at low altitude.
  • Heavy Fighter: Strongest firepower with the thickest armor, but low maneuverability.
  • Interceptor: Very powerful firepower and excellent dive capability, average maneuverability.
  • Attacker: Strongest capability to attack ground target, with a lot of rockets. Thick armor, but low speed.

These planes are divided into nine tiers. In order to unlock the next aircraft, you need to complete the tech tree between two tiers, by using RP.

After unlocking it, you can purchase the plane with silver and RP. Every branch of the tech tree has its feature and the plane with higher tier will carry on its feature as before.

By using gold, you can also buy a premium aircraft directly. Opening supply crates and taking part in the special events will also give you a chance to get a new plane.

A Premium Aircraft doesn't need further research. They come with several perks:
  • Increase Silver, RP, and Free RP in the battle result.
  • Increase the daily limit of Silver, RP, and Free RP.


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