Nation specific planes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of planes from a particular nation?

Most British planes blend speed, maneuverability, and firepower pretty well. The Spitfire line is well known for its superior performance and the Hurricane line excel in durability and versatility. 

German planes are designed for blitz in the air, and they usually outperform opponents in speed and climb rate. On those “Energy Fighters” such as Bf 109 and FW-190, using Boom and Zoom tactics, Luftwaffe pilots had achieved a great number of air victories.

American planes are normally very sturdily built, carry a large array of ordnance, all-around well protected, and easy to control. They are great for team tactics and the large ammo reserve provides ample firepower. While sometimes lacking maneuverability, they make up with speed, firepower, and durability. 

Soviet planes are mass produced for easy adaption and light maintenance. With small fuselage and powerful engine, they have great maneuverability at a lower altitude. And the advantage of nose mounted weaponry is very obvious: they are deadly accurate, even for new pilots.

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