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Why do some players have different features? (8 Ball Pool)

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  • bettewy

    I don’t see anything that is close to my problem .
    I should be getting 100 free coins every 3 hrs. And it’s reduces yo 50 . Everyone in my club is having this problem also some of my coins disappeared one member had a million disappear when she tried to play in Shang. No player ever came up so she backed out of the game and lost a million. In my case even the 50 is not added to my total , when I take the coins .

  • OMAN

    How to chat with agents

  • Anang Budiyanto

    Gimana caranya pulihkan koin saya di akun facebook

  • Rachel DeCluitt

    Having trouble getting coins in my club and will an agent answer or contact by email?

  • Garry Chee Kong

    My Huawei phone can't upgrade the 8 Ball pool, now can't play

  • Marcus Challinor

    And you know and I know it thanks a lot merry Christmas

  • Milciades C. Ovelar

    Game problems mainly with the points to get a ring and my winnings from the games won for my league and club do not add up. I honestly have not done anything wrong to happen to me what is happening to me now with the points and earnings because I buy all the pool passes tomorrow I am going to buy the new one and just like this my account does not seem fair I cannot risk my account and I would like you to be able to help me solve and solve my problem of my account

  • Abdul Rehmandeaf


  • Permanently deleted user

    I don't have a pool pass, but have a mission that I've completed but can't get rid of, how do I get rid of it to move on and enjoy the game. I have spent enough without buying pool pass. I also have an advertisement stuck that pops up for no reason and ends game, it's an advert for making clothes smell for longer


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