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Want to become a Soccer Star? Here are some of our top tips to help give you the edge over your opponent. 
Two-touch control 
Using one finger to control a player near the sides of the pitch can be difficult on smaller screens – so use a second finger! Tap and hold the player you want to use, and then tap and drag with another finger to control aim and power. You can practice this in the Tutorial, which you can find in the Settings menu.
Use multi-touch control when using a player near the side of the field. Don’t cross the line!
If a player crosses the goal line, they get automatically repositioned a little distance from goal.
This is to stop players simply packing the goalmouth with players and stopping the action. So, if you’re repositioning your players, judge the power carefully so you don’t send them over the line and leave an open goal.
On the other hand, if your opponent has everyone on the line, send one of your own players smashing into them to clear them out!
You can put players on the goal line… but if they cross it, they’ll be repositioned away from goal. Don’t just blast it!
A mistake that new players make is going for a max power shot, every single time. This can really work against you: the harder you hit the ball, the more difficult it is to judge where it’ll end up. Going “full power” could mean that the ball ends up running free and giving the other team an easy tap-in.
Unless you’re sure that full power is the only answer, try to gauge your move carefully instead.
Full power can cause you to lose control and give the other team a chance. Good positioning can win you the game.
Just like real soccer, keeping your players in useful positions can be the difference between winning or losing. Soccer Stars is all about balancing attack and defense – and having your players bunched in one place, out on the side of the pitch, is going to lead to a quick goal for the opposition.
Here’s what happens when you leave your goal completely undefended. You don’t always have to play the ball
Just because you can hit the ball doesn’t mean you have to. In some cases, the smartest move will actually be awayfrom the ball, as you can use your turn to shift a defender into a good blocking position or bump an opposition player out of the way.
If the ball is safe, it sometimes makes sense to leave it there. Kick-offs are important.
You can’t score straight from the kick-off – it’s a foul, and your opponent gets the turn instead. However, you can get the ball very close to goal, and make it awkward for the other team to dig it out.
One thing to remember though: a match of Soccer Stars can be lost with a bad kick-off. If you play a poor shot, it can leave the other team with a clear line and you could be 1-0 down before you’ve even really got started.
There are lots of good ways to kick-off… but also some bad ones. Practice!
Soccer Stars combines strategy with physics-based play… and the best way to up your skills is to play lots of matches. Get used to the way the ball bounces off the side of the pitch, and experiment with different formations until you find one you’re most comfortable with. Practice won’t make you perfect… but it’ll certainly make you a lot better.
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