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  • John

    Hello Miniclip, thank you for giving me a chance to comment, I hope a real person reads this? ty... This article is a bit confusing to me on the Win Fees, On the 1 on 1 matches, I can only find 4 tables that charge "rental fees" ranging from 5% to 7% and 9% and was wondering if the table rental fee amount was based on the "entry fee amount" or the "prize amount? " ie, Would the Berlin table rental fee be 7% of 25M or 7% of 50M? Or would the prize after the rental fee deduction be 48,250,000 coins or 46,500,000 coins? The 4th table I saw was Venice with a 9% rental fee, BUT I could not find any other charges on the 1 on 1 match tables or the 9 ball tables. I havnt checked the Tournament tables yet but did not see anything that would charge up to 20%, and not sure what you mean by teams and win fees?
    I've been playing now for 5 years and have multiple accounts, It's not a problem that I am commenting on rather looking for knowledge and that I want to be clear on, so I can make informed decisions when choosing a team? or tables and so on.
    Thank you so much in advance for clearing this up for me,
    John Turbeville
    One more question, is there a better way to report cheaters/hackers, and how does the box for extensions work, nothing will drag and drop into it but a.attachment or a folder, zip, and I understand why you can't open any of those type file ext. If I could only talk to a real person, :). ty

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  • Ashok Sarvaiya

    I had played my carrom game but Didn't get my coins

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