December Update - Main changes (8 Ball Pool)




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    How to get champian boxes

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    Aliasgar Galiwala

    Hello, I want to tell you something about the 8 ball pool. You should bring the players' rating to the 8 ball pool. This feature will increase the popularity of this game. Other statistics related information is missing. I hope in the future, this feature will come in 8 ball pool. The ratings of the players are determined differently, as many games are won in one day. Rating should be reset within weeks or months. This rating can not be determined by just how much the game is won but
    by some other information. I do not know English, I am writing to transfer.

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    Hi @Aliasgar, thank you for your comment. We will definitely consider this!


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    Farukh Abbas

    i need plz 3.13 .3 pc new update 

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    Asim AsimRaza

    update change 3.13.3 plz in pc



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