Team Deathmatch and Base Defense

Team Deathmatch

The 4 VS 4 team deathmatch is a fight between 2 teams, each trying to eliminate opponents while preserving itself.

Each team starts with 10 tickets at the beginning of a match and, within the specified time, the team reduces its opponent's tickets to 0 wins. If no one reaches zero, the team with more tickets will win. If both teams have the same tickets after the stipulated time, the team with more lead time will win.

How to be the MVP: Try to shoot down as many enemy aircrafts as possible while also trying to stay alive as long as possible.

Base Defense

The player's objective is to destroy the enemy's command ship and try to shoot down the aircraft and boats that are defending it. At the same time, they must also protect their own command ship.

The team who destroys the enemy's command ship first wins. The player's aircraft will determine their role on the battlefield. Bombers try to bomb enemy ground units. Fighters try to protect the bombers and take out turrets on enemy ships.

How to be the MVP: Try to cause as much damage as possible to ground vessels.


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