What are teams with powers?

All teams in the game have 3 stats: Power, Aim and Time. What do they do?
  • Force: the more of this you have, the more powerful your max-charged shots will be. Smash the ball hard, or ram other pieces out of the way!
  • Aim: this power adds a guideline to your pieces that extend beyond the normal arrow when taking a shot. The more Aim you have, the longer the guideline. 
  • Time: the Time stat increases the amount of time you will have to make your shot. No need to rush things and end up missing!
Each of the three stats can be between one and ten, with higher numbers giving more of that particular bonus. Check out some examples below.
No win, no fee. So every team in the game has these three stats, with more expensive, premium teams having better numbers than more basic ones.
Teams have a “win fee”, which is a percentage of your winnings that is automatically deducted upon winning a game (or coming second or first in a tournament.) This means that there’s no fee if you don’t win the game, apart from the coins you staked on the match, of course! A fee only gets deducted if you win the game.
Win fees vary between 5 and 20% and are balanced in regards to the stats and cost of the team. An expensive team could have average stats but a low win fee or a cheap team could have good stats but a very high win fee – it’s all about choosing what’s best for you. Just because a team is more expensive, don’t assume it has a higher win fee… In fact, normally the more expensive a team is, the lower is its winning fee.
You can check out a team’s stats and fee in the Shop before you decide where you’re spending your hard-earned coins and bucks. 
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