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War Wings



  • Permanently deleted user

    Когда я захожу в игру у меня вылитает и пишет игра остановлена

  • Hanna

    Hi samilallaev, if you get a specific error message, we suggest you to check the section:

    If that doesn't help, please submit a ticket via Web Form. 

  • Pheng Lee

    How can you tell the difference of special ability of the manure of the airplane

  • Keith Rogers

    Shame you let War Wings die. It was the best game in MiniClip's portfolio and the only one a mature gamer could take seriously. There are no comparable games available from either MiniClip or Google Play/App Store. 🤬

  • Kyle Mesman

    This game was way too good to shit down... This sucks!

  • Permanently deleted user


  • Hanna

    @... if this would be so easy we would have done it already, but there are a lot of War Wing games in Miniclip also and who knows, maybe one day we find a way to do it!

  • farizsha 77

    I very hope war wings coming back why many game i play war wings the best

  • Gaweterrence

    This was the best WWII dogfighting game I've ever played and I am sure millions of other players can attest to this. Even if it means making this a paid game, we will be more than happy to pay just to have this game returned. 

  • Shavy ortega

    Me gustaría ver war wings de nuevo en la play...... O abra de algún servidor del cual se pueda descargar para poder descargarlo y jugarlo.....?

  • Mohammad Azhar

    please bring this game again.. it was best game ever i played in mobile

  • Matthew Pickles

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    So so disappointed that this game cancelled, I paid to play this game as I know others did. I just don't understand why the decision was made to end it?
    There is not any other game on the platform that gets anywhere near this, it stood out and so many people played it.
    I know it probably will never come back, but it is so sadly missed by myself and others. I hope one day it return or Miniclip have a change of heart.

    Best regards M

  • Paul Taylor_YT

    I hope that they re-release this game at some point in the future probably one of the best games on mobile and can't find anything else like it no matter how hard I look. Met some great people on this game and played hours on end grinding away for the planes. To be perfectly honest I don't think any game will come close to what war wings did!

  • Rabab

    We need this game back!


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