List of purchases available on Plague Inc.

Here is the list of purchases available on Plague Inc.:

Unlock Ability mutation! $1.06
Unlock Air bonus! $1.06
Unlock All genes! $10.76
Unlock all standard Plague types now! $3.22
Unlock Arid bonus! $1.06
Unlock Auto-pop! $1.06
Unlock Bio Weapon bonus! $1.06
Unlock Blue DNA! $1.06
Unlock Bonus DNA! $1.06
Unlock Border breaker! $1.06
Unlock Devolver! $1.06
Unlock Enable Dormancy! $1.06
Unlock Enable Mimic bonus! $1.06
Unlock Enable Mimic! $1.06
Unlock Full version $1.06
Unlock Fungus Plague type now! $1.06
Unlock Home advantage! $1.06
Unlock Humid bonus! $1.06
Unlock Land bonus! $1.06
Unlock Mutation bonus! $1.06
Unlock Neurax worm! $2.14
Unlock Orange DNA! $1.06
Unlock Red DNA! $1.06
Unlock Resiliance bonus! $1.06
Unlock Rogue Nanobot Plague type now! $1.06
Unlock Rural bonus! $1.06
Unlock Sea bonus! $1.06
Unlock Static abilities! $1.06
Unlock Static devolve! $1.06
Unlock Static symptoms! $1.06
Unlock Static transmission! $1.06
Unlock the 3 cheat Plague types now! $6.45
Unlock the next standard Plague type now! $1.06
Unlock the Parasite Plague type now! $1.06
Unlock the Prion Plague type now! $1.06
Unlock Transmission mutation! $1.06
Unlock Urban bonus! $1.06


Any single purchase unlocks the full version!


Thank you for playing!

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