How to Restore Purchases

How to Restore Plague Inc. Purchases


Sometimes the Play Store server doesn't sync, even if you were already charged, but don't worry there are steps you can take.


First use the "restore purchases"  which should fix the issue immediately.


In the event the "restore purchases" button doesn't work, please select  the same items you have purchased before and go through as if you were buying them. Don't worry! The game will open a Play Store window but, once you tap to purchase the item, the server will verify that you were already charged for your items and will simply unlock them for you without charging.

 Note: This will only work with the same Google account with which you purchased it set as the main account on your device.


If you have still not received your items, please try to clear Google Play cache. To do this go to "Settings">"Applications">"Manage Applications", look for the Google Play icon and select it. Press on "Clear Cache". Run the game again and try the restore button once more (you can also try to "buy" it again).


If you are using a Kindle device (Amazon Version), please click the Restore Purchase Button inside the game. If it doesn't work, contact Amazon Customer Support.


Thank you for playing!

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