My country flag is not correct! I have an USA flag on my profile.

This may be occurring because you have not selected a country on your profile.

If you are using a Facebook account:
Log in to Facebook.
Now press on the "Edit Profile" link on the left corner of the screen, next to your photograph thumbnail.
On "Living", select "Edit" and type your country in "Hometown".

If you are using a Miniclip account:
Please log in the Miniclip web site.
On the upper right corner of the page you will see your nickname.
Press it and select "Edit Profile".
Now select "Update Profile" and then select your country from the drop down box.
Push the "Save" button and that is it.

If you are using a Guest account:
Unfortunately it is not possible to edit your country information.

Please know that the changes to your profile may take more or less a day to show in the game.

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