Cues With Powers - AutoRecharge

Cues With Powers have four different main properties: Aim, Power, Spin and Time. Different cues will give you different specifications for each properties and they may cost more or less depending on their stats. You can now purchase Cues With Powers mid-game by accessing your shop and even check your opponents powers through their Player Page! Here are some important things to keep in mind regarding this awesome new feature:




As you have probably noticed already, Cues With Powers will allow you to use powers for a limited amount of shots before they need to be recharged. By standard, this will be an automated feature, which means you don't have to worry about manually recharging them. The amount of coins they cost is automatically removed from your account and you can keep playing with no interruptions. You can, however, disable this option if you prefer to recharge them manually! To disable it, just follow the steps below:


1. Tap on the cue you are using. A menu will appear underneath showing a slider that enables or disables the Auto-Recharge. If you want to disable it, just slide it to red and it's done! :)





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