How to Login using Facebook

Linking your Facebook account to your Miniclip account will have many different advantages!

It will make it easier for you to log in or sign up to Miniclip, in case you don’t have a Miniclip account. Also, it is the perfect way for you to find your friends on Miniclip, share all your activity with them and even play against them, making the experience even more fun!

Before you are able to connect your Facebook account to your Miniclip account, you will have to grant us permission to access your data. You’ll need to accept certain permissions to share information with Miniclip. You’ll be able to change them at any time through the Applications Settings on Facebook. If you are concerned about your personal details, don’t be! Miniclip will not keep any personal information that you have on your Facebook account. You can read more on the subject here.

Below you will see how to connect your accounts:

1. Login to Miniclip with your already existent account. Once you are successfully logged in, you’ll see this screen at the top right hand corner of the page:


2. Click on the Facebook logo to the right of your credits. You’ll be asked for your Facebook email and password on a pop up window.



3. Once you put your Facebook details in and hit Log In, a pop up window will show, asking you for the permissions we mentioned before. It will look like this:



Once you hit Play Game, you will be taken back to the Miniclip home page. This means you’ve successfully connected both accounts!




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