How to use your Facebook name or picture

On our website, you’re unable to load a photo from your hard drive and use it as a profile picture. The only way to use a personal picture in Miniclip is if you choose to use the one you have on Facebook as a profile picture.


When you connect your Miniclip account to your Facebook account, you need to provide us some access permissions. Your profile picture is one of the things we’ll have access to, as well as your Facebook name. This means that you can have your Facebook name and profile picture displaying on the website, instead of your nickname or Yo-Me!


*Note: We do take our users safety and comfort quite seriously. This means that if we find users using inappropriate pictures from Facebook as their display picture on our website, we will ban those users temporarily or permanently.


To connect your Miniclip account to your Facebook account, follow these instructions: https://miniclip.zendesk.com/entries/21468628-How-to-Login-using-Facebook

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