Can't see friends on Facebook

Before you are able to connect your Facebook account to your Miniclip account, you will have to grant us permission to access your details. You’ll need to accept certain permissions to share information with Miniclip. If you don’t accept this request, you might not be able to find friends on the 8 Ball Pool app, as it won’t have access to your friends list.


In order to play against your friends, you need to have your Facebook chat enable and accept those permissions. If you didn’t accept them when you were prompt to and you’re now having this issue, try these steps to fix it:


1. Go to your Home page on Facebook. On the left, look for Apps and below Apps look for 8 Ball Pool



2. Place your mouse over it until you see a pencil on the left of 8 Ball Pool. Click on the pencil so you can get the following drop down menu


3. Hit Remove app. Restart your browser and try again. If you are asked for permissions like the ones on the following screen shot, accept them:



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