How to play Pool By Miniclip

Becoming the best at 8 Ball Pool is not easy and requires time, skill and dedication.

However, you also need to understand how the game works, which is why in this blog post we’re going to show you everything you need to know about Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool.

If you’re ready to start your journey to becoming the best in the game, am 8 Ball Pool VIP, then we can get started. Let’s go!

Click the Play button to start playing a 1-on-1 match.

Playing matches and entering tournaments

To get started on your Pool career, you need to start playing Pool! There are two different types of game you can play: 1-on-1 matches, where you can play against another player, and tournaments, where you play in a knockout competition against 7 other players.

To play a 1-on-1 match, you just need to click the “Play” button. This takes you to a screen where you can choose what venue you want to play in. You’ll find you need to unlock some of the locations and you’ll need Pool Coins to enter, but we’ll explain those in more detail later.

If you’re after more of a challenge than a 1-on-1 match, then you can enter a tournament. From the main screen, click on the “Tournaments” button. Where you’ll be playing against more players. As with the 1-on-1 matches, you’ll need to unlock the different locations and you’ll need Pool Coins to enter, but we’ll explain Pool Coins and levels shortly.

London is one of the locations you can play 1-on-1 matches and tournaments.

Pool Coins & Pool Cash

As we've mentioned, 8 Ball Pool has two types of currency: called Pool Coins and Pool Cash.

Pool Coins: These are the main game currency, you can use your Pool Coins to join games and buy Pool Cues, Table Patterns and Chat Packs.

Pool Cash: These are mainly obtained through purchasing on the Pool Shop, you can use it to buy some of our best cues and Cooler looking Table Patterns.

You can get Pool Coins and Pool Cash in a variety of ways:

  • Take the Daily Spin: With the Spin and Win game you have the chance to with up to 50,000 Pool Coins, Scratch Cards and the Lucky 8 Cue!
  • 30 minute timer: you can earn 25 free Pool Coins every 30 minutes  by just clicking the button on the main screen. There’s no limit to how many times you can claim these coins.

  • Scratch Cards: try your chance to win up to 250,000 Pool Coins by scratching the yellow squares on your scratch card.

  • Hi-Lo: bet 2 to 8 Pool Cash for a chance at winning up to 1,000,000 Pool Coins.

  • Winning 1-on-1 matches and tournaments

  • Purchasing Pool Coins and Pool Cash: to get more Pool Coins and Pool Cash, purchase them from the Pool Shop. Prices for bundles start at $1.99. Also be on the lookout for our many promotions!

The table below shows you how many Pool Coins are needed to enter each 1-on-1 match and tournament, at each location, as well as how many Pool Coins you can win.

LocationEntry Fee (Pool Coins)Prize (Pool Coins)
1-on-1 matches
London 25 50
Sydney 100 200
Moscow 500 1,000
Tokyo 2,500 5,000
Las Vegas 10,000 20,000
Jakarta 50,000 100,000
Toronto 100,000 200,000
Cairo 250,000 500,000
Dubai 500,000 1,000,000
Shanghai 500,000 1,000,000
Paris 600,000 1,200,000
 London 200 1000
 Sydney 3,000 18,000
 Moscow 5,000 30,000
 Tokyo 10,000 60,000

Experience points, levels and ranks

In 8 Ball Pool we use three ways to rank players: experience points, levels and ranks. Here’s some detail on how those are calculated:

    1. Experience points (XP): you earn XP for every match you play both 1-on-1 and in Tournaments. You earn XP whether you win or lose, but winning earns you more XP than losing.
    2. Level: your level is determined by the number of XP you have and is the number shown in the star in the top left of the screen. Levels go from 1 to 150, with 150 being the highest possible.
    3. Rank: your level determines your rank; you’ll need the following levels to achieve the following ranks:



1 - 2
Beginner 3 - 5
Student 6 - 9
Amateur 10 - 14
Hustler 15 - 20
Semi-Pro 21 - 27
Professional 28 - 35
Virtuoso 36 - 44
Expert 45 - 54
Veteran 55 - 65
Master 66 - 77
Grand Master 78 - 90
Ace 91 - 104
Superstar 105 - 119
King 120 - 136
Pool Emperor 137 - 150
As you level up, you’ll unlock new tournaments and 1-on-1 matches which will only be available to higher-ranked players. In these tournaments the stakes are higher: a higher entry fee, larger prize pot and better competition.

You can view all your Pool stats: your experience, level and rank, as well as some other statistics about your playing, including the number of games you've played and won by clicking on your profile image in the top left corner if you’re on one of the menu screens.

View your stats by clicking on your profile image.

If you’re in a game, you can click on either your or your opponent’s profile images to bring up your or their stats whilst playing to find out about your opponent!

Using the Pool Shop

As you work your way through the levels in 8 Ball Pool and earn Pool Coins from playing 1-on-1 matches and tournaments, you might want to customize your game by purchasing new cues and tables.

You can do this by entering the Pool Shop, which is accessible from the main menu.

Go through the Tabs and have a look at what you can get with your game currency!

Purchasing and using a new cue in a game not only gives you a visual edge over your opponent, but also gives you access to an extra unique phrase to use in the in-game chat! Just click on the “…” speech bubble icon on your profile picture whilst playing to drop-down the list of phrases you can use to communicate with your opponent.

Purchasing a new cue gives you access to a new Phrase and Powers!

As well as new cues in the Pool Shop, you can also purchase designs for your table, with frames, cloths and patterns available.

Challenging your friends

Playing Pool on a real-life table is a social experience, and it’s the same social experience playing Pool on Miniclip.

If you’re playing on our Website, you can click the “Play Friends” button to search for players who are online using their usernames, and then challenge them to a game.

If you’re playing Pool on Facebook, you can challenge your Facebook friends using the buttons along the bottom of the main menu. The game will automatically find all your friends who play Pool on Facebook, and to challenge any of them, just scroll along until you find them and click “Challenge”.

Refine your game: Get better cues for Greater Power!

In 8 Ball Pool your Cues have powers, the better the cue the more powerful they are.

Go to the Pool Shop to get your favorite cue!


Learn more about Cues with Powers on our Blog

Take on the world

That’s all you need to know about 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip. Make sure you like the 8 Ball Pool Facebook Page so that you’re kept up-to-date with news and updates to Pool.

Other information and details, as well as upcoming updates, can be found through our Blog and social networks Facebook and Twitter

All that’s left to do now is playing the game and having fun, good luck!

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