Pool Cash Information - 8 Ball Pool

From today onward, Miniclip Credits are no longer available for use in the game 8 Ball Pool. As you might have noticed, we replaced those with a new currency named "Pool Cash".

 You can use the Miniclip Credits you own to purchase things in other games that still accept Miniclip Credits. 


The same way as Miniclip Credits, you can convert Pool Cash into Pool Coins but not the other way around. At the moment, the only way to get Pool Cash is by purchasing it. This new premium currency will allow you to purchase certain cues, tables, spins and boosts that will make the game even more fun!


To celebrate the arrival of our new currency, everyone will start with 5 Pool Cash, and the prices of some cues and tables in the Pool Shop are cheaper than they were previously.


NOTE: Even if you complete any Web Survey that grants you free Miniclip Credits, you will not be able to use them on 8 Ball Pool.


Thank you for understanding.


Have a great day and enjoy playing our games!

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