How to Search the Knowledge Base and Submit a Ticket

Support Home Page:


Our Knowledge Base is very easy to navigate.

When you enter our Knowledge Base you can see that below there is a search bar.



Here you can search for keywords that represent your problem. For example, if you don't know something related to your account, you can just type "Account". You can also type in more words like "Lost Connection" or "Java Script". This will show the most relevant article to your keywords.


Below the search bar, you can see some articles with bold letters: 



These articles are the "Hot Topics", and they refer to known situations currently being addressed. On those, you can find relevant information for the problem you are having.


Below the previous section, you can find many categories with all the related articles listed under it.


In these sections you can find a wide variety of articles. Please read through the articles to see if the problem you are experiencing has already been explained or solved on our Knowledge Base.


If you are not able to find the help you need in our Knowledge Base, you can submit a ticket.



How to Submit a Ticket:


** IMPORTANT NOTE ** - DO NOT submit more than one ticket, as this will not speed up the resolution of your problem, in fact, it will only delay it.


On the top of our page, near the Miniclip logo, you can find the "Submit a Request" button.



Once you click this, you enter the submission form, in which you must provide the following information:


Your Email Address - This is the email in which you will receive the answer from our support.


Subject - On this field, please add a brief explanation of the problem. For example, if you are missing some item, you can type "Missing Item". This will help us filter throught your ticket much faster.


Game - It is really important for us to know what game you are playing, as this will help us check information much faster and accurately.


Description - Please provide us with the email with which you have your account registered or the email you made your purchase with, if that is the case. On this field, please provide additional information about the problem. For instance, you can say when or how it happened, or just specify what is wrong with the game.


Channel - This is where you tell us if you are playing on your computer (PC or Mac) or if you are playing in any mobile device (Phone, Tablet).


Attachments - You can attach a screenshot of your problem if you think it will help us understand the problem you are having.



Checking your existing tickets:

To check you existing tickets, please go to the top of the page and, as shown below, click on "Check your existing requests".



Here you can view the ticket you opened. You can see your original message, add more information or any additional remarks you previously forgot.


If the ticket you submited does not appear on this page, you can click on the link that appears on the right to view your closed or pending tickets. If you have any closed or pending ticket, you can respond to it by simply texting again. After this, the ticket will be reopened and a member of the staff will reply to you again.


Hope you find this helpful!


Your Support Team,


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