Troubleshoot Rail Rush Worlds and Motocross Nitro Lost Progress - SOLVED

Troubleshoot Rail Rush Worlds and Motocross Nitro Lost Progress


Issue Description: Due to a recent move of some games between cloud servers, there might be some temporary game save losses in the Rail Rush Worlds and Motocross Nitro games.

Please note that the game saves will be restored after this situation returns to normal.

We expect that game saves will return to normal over the next few days.


Troubleshooting Steps:

Please follow the steps below to recover your progress:


  1. Press CTRL and E at the same time (or click start menu and click “Computer”)
  2. In the explorer window, type the following in the address bar:
  3. You will see the screenshot shown below (there may be more folders than the ones shown here)


     4. Double-click on the “www_2eminiclip_2ecom” folder

     5. Inside this folder, highlight the Rail Rush save game (shown below) and press CTRL and C (or right-click and choose “Copy”)


     6. Go back to the previous folder (press the ß Backspace key – NOT THE DELETE KEY!!!)

     7. Double-click on the “static_2eminiclipcdn_2ecom” folder

     8. Press CTRL and V (or right-click and choose Paste)

     9. In the confirm box which appears (similar to the one shown below) choose to overwrite the existing file

    10. Re-load the game and your progress should be restored


Hope you find this helpful :)

We apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused you.

Have a great day and enjoy playing our games!


Your Miniclip Support Team



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