The Game Gave Me A Connection Error And I Can’t Get Back In The Game

If you have experienced a connection error, we recommend you refresh the page and try again. If you are still experiencing issues, then please clear your browser cache and try again.



How do I clear my Browser Cache


Internet Explorer


  • Click on the setting icon (the cog in the upper right corner)
  • Click "Safety" and select "Delete Browsing History"
  • Check "Temprary Internet Files" and "History"
  • Click "Delete"




  • From the 'Edit' or 'Tools' menu, choose 'Preferences' or 'Options'.
  • Expand the 'Advanced' options and choose 'Cache' or 'Privacy'.
  • Click the button called 'Clear Cache'.
  • Click 'OK'.




  • Go to the Tools menu (the wrench on the upper right of the browser)
  • Click on ‘Clear browsing data...’
  • Select the types of data you want to clear
  • On the Clear data from this period: drop-down list, select the data you'd like to delete.




  • From the 'Safari' menu, choose 'Empty Cache...'
  • or, Hold down the Option and Command keys and press E.


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