Inappropriate image ban

This temporary ban lasts seven days and it is caused by Miniclip’s moderation team finding the image linked to your account inappropriate for our website and games.

Miniclip wants to provide all our players with an enjoyable and welcoming environment, and as such, we take image moderation very seriously, keeping guidelines that we can follow and assure standards are being met.

Everyday people from all over the world, of all ages, visit our website and play our games.

Keeping that in mind, you may not post violent, nude, partially nude, vulgar, discriminatory, unlawful, encouraging of violence, infringing and/or hateful, insulting, offensive, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos.

When an image is found to not be compliant with these guidelines, it will be temporarily banned, upon which you will receive the following alert of the issue as soon as you try to log in:



How to unban my account:

You can alter your profile picture by logging into your Facebook account and changing the profile picture there.

Once the image is changed, you can contact our support team so the ban can be lifted and you can resume normal activity.

If, when the seven day period expires, the profile picture has not been altered, it will again be flagged and banned, creating a pattern that will only end upon image change.

This temporary ban exists to ensure all users have a safe and pleasant experience while playing our games.


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