All New leagues!

We recently added Leagues to our web based version of 8 Ball Pool, having released them on mobile earlier in the year - they are a pretty awesome way to show off your skills to both your friends, countrymen and even the world(!).

There have been a few questions that our players have been asking , so we have compiled them into an easy to use FAQ. If you don’t find the answer you are looking  here you can refer to the game, to our blog , submit a ticket or  leave a comment :)

 At this point these have been the most asked questions from our players:


Q.) How does the ranking work?

A.) The total amount of coins you have win over the week  will act like a score sheet,  the more you have the higher you will be ranked


Q.)At the end of the week do I get those pool coins that represent my winnings?

A.)No, while they are your winnings they represent a score which is used to rank your performance. These are coins that you’ve already won, not extra ones. But if you finish in the top 3 of My League, or the Friends, Country or Global leaderboards, you’ll win a prize!


Q.)Do the games I lose count for ranking purposes?

A.)No, they don’t. If you win a total of 100,000 pool coins but lose 9000 pool coins, while your balance will be 91000 pool coins your total winnings will be 100000.


Q.)So if I play an All-In Match and win that goes to my weekly winnings?

A.)No, All-In Matches are excluded from the leaderboards, to avoid giving an advantage to players who already have large coin balances and are therefore able to stake large amounts of coins on a single match. However every other tier is eligible for ranking purposes.


Q.)I played against a friend several times and won, why isn’t the “score” increasing?

A.)Only the first match is counted, so you will not get the chance to do a grudge match against someone who beat you (at least this week). You can still keep playing and winning games against the same opponent, but only the result from the first match counts.


Q.)I won a league, where’s my prize at? Do I need to click on something?

A.) No,  you only have to open the app on your mobile or the game on Miniclip.com or Facebook, and you’ll get an alert prompting you to claim your prize.


Q.)My level was raised during the competition and I was put in another league – however, I have enough winnings to get the first prize in both. What  now?

A.) You will only receive the prize for the league that you started the week in, so if for instance you are in Silver League and move to the Gold League you will only receive the prize for the Silver League. You will only move definitively to the Gold League at the end of that week’s competition.

Hopefully these will help to understand how do leagues work but if you do have a question, go ahead and ask.

Good Luck!

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