Account Flagged or Banned

  • Why has my account been Flagged?

Flagged accounts have been tracked by our system as using a third-party game modification tool to gain an advantage against your opponents.



At Miniclip we wish to provide our users with a fair and entertaining environment and so we take cases like this very seriously.
If you have received this warning the following will happen:

  1. Your coins will be removed from your account, and your Total Winnings stat will be reset, but you can carry on playing;
  2. If your account is tracked again, it will be banned permanently; 

Our warning System will allow you to continue playing provided you do not use any cheats again.

If your account was Permanently Banned it will not be re-opened, deleted or any details changed to it. The email associated with that account will not be usable to create a new account.

Bans may not be immediate. The tracked instances may have occurred days or even weeks before the ban is apparent on your account.

Play the game as it’s meant to be played and have fun.


  • Why have I been Permanently Banned and how can I Unban my account?

Our system has tracked your account for using a third-party modification to cheat at 8 Ball Pool.

Accounts that have been System Tracked are permanently banned and will not be reactivated, even if it was someone else playing on the account.

Your account is ultimately your responsibility.

 Miniclip will not be sharing its tools and methods for finding and proving misuse and inappropriate behavior, We will also not provide the amount of instances or the dates on which they were tracked. If you contact us asking for that information, it will not be provided to you.

Also, note that Miniclip reserves the right to ban an account without it being previously flagged if such action is considered necessary.


  • I think I’ve been cheated by another player, what do I do?

We currently have security measures in place that track and ban cheaters so there is a very high possibility that the player is already tracked by our system and the account deactivated.

However if you still feel the need to report another player for suspicious behaviour please submit a request through our Customer Support https://miniclip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new with the following:

  1. Cheater Report
  2. Details on what happened during the game play
  3. An unedited Full Screen screenshot of the opponent's in game profile.

On receiving the report our Moderation Team will look into it and act according to the investigation findings.


  • There is a Profile Picture that I find offensive, what do I do?

First we would like you to note that these Pictures come from players Facebook Linked account, we do not control what Facebook allows their users to submit.
We do have strict rules on our Website and games on what is considered to be Inappropriate to our users.


In 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer, Web Version, there is a report image tool in game you can use to report another player's Profile Picture:

Our Moderation Team will look into reported images and only those accounts that contain any content that is deemed inappropriate will be subject to any kind of action.

If you play on the Mobile version of the game this tool is not in place yet, however please report the user in question by giving us their User ID Number which you can find on their profile by clicking the image.

Remember that images are visible to millions of players from all over the world, be mindful of what you have as your profile picture.

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