Starting out (FAQ)

So welcome to Zoo Pop here is a little guide in how to get to play.

The game is a mission based puzzle game, where you have to clear a specific set of conditions in a determined number of moves. 


Q. That's fine, so how do I win?

A. You win by:  

  1. Gaining a minimum 1 star rating for that level by getting the minimum score
  2. Accomplishing every mission on that level

Q. Ok.. so about that score you mentioned?

A. Yes, right, you get points by matching two animals, the bigger amount of animals the higher the amount of points won.

<The score is right on top of the screen>

Q. Moves?

A.Every match you make is considered a move, please bear in mind that if you run out of moves you will have to restart the level.

Q. Yes about that, what about lives?

A. You start out with five, each time you fail to complete a level you lose a life. They will be reinstated in 30 minutes though. If that seems too much to bear you can always ask your friend for lives or get brand new set on our shop.

Q. Great, so how do I know my missions?

A. As you' d expect each level has its own set of missions, you can find them:

  1. On the level board before going into the level (Picture 1)
  2. Briefly before starting the level (Picture 2)
  3. When you pause the game (Picture 3)

Q.So these kind of games usually have power ups, does this one have it as well?

A. Yes, it does. You can get more information about them <link>here</link>

Q. Cool, so now that I have actually beat a level something happened, can you explain that?

A. Sure, after beating a level if you still have power ups and moves remaining you will get bonus points and most likely a higher rating.


That's it on the basics of the game hope all your questions have been answered, if not please feel free to send ask us at support@miniclip.com

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