Troubleshooting FAQ

Before heading out and submitting a request please check these questions that have already been submitted, they may have the answers you are looking for.


The game is freezing or it isn't loading, what can be done?

Having several applications open may cause the game to crash or not even start at all. The best way to deal with this is to restart your device (this will clean your device's memory.

I've bought an item in the game's shop but I haven't received it. Can you explain why?

There are several reasons for this to happen we'll list a few:

  1. There may have been a delay in transaction from your bank to us, in that case you'll have to wait until the the transaction is complete (usually about 48hours) when this deadline is over and you haven't received the item please contact us by submitting a ticket with the receipt and your user ID
  2. You may have been disconnected mid purchase. After making a purchase, all stores send you a message confirming that the purchase was successful. If you lose connection before this happens the purchase may not be processed.In this case you have to contact the vendor (in this case iTunes) check if the purchase was made and if there is the need to dispute the purchase.

In any case bear in mind that you will always receive an email with the receipt for any in app purchase you make, if you are not able to find it you should be able to find it in your iTunes purchase history.

If I try to update or reinstall the game what will happen to my progress?

It depends, if you have played the game while connected with Facebook then your progress will be saved on Facebook and you just have to log in after reinstalling.However should you play offline or not connected it will only save your progress locally then your progress will be permanently lost.

I have connected with Facebook, why am I not able to send or receive gifts to and from my friends?

You may just need to reconnect and update the information.It can be done by tapping the gear(cog wheel) button and tapping the Facebook logout button, then tapping it again to log in

Do I really need a Facebook account?

No not really, you can play without one but there are a few perks to having your Zoo Pop account linked with Facebook, from having a your progress saved to sharing your accomplishments with friends.

But I am concerned that you will post stuff on my behalf and spam my friends.

We will not do that as we understand what it may entail so we will not post anything to your wall.You will however become part of Facebook Open Graph, this "social graph will generate events/actions when you perform certain tasks, this will only be visible on your timeline though and you have the option to hide these posts.

So what happens if I log in with a different Facebook account?

If you do that then it will load the progress for that specific account. The game does support multiple logins with different Facebook accounts so there shouldn't be any issue there.

Is it possible to disable the sounds and music?

Yes, you just have to tap the gear icon on the lower left corner and disable on the respective handles.


Hopefully this will clear any doubts you may have but if you have any other questions please feel free to send us request by clicking here or sending an email to support@miniclip.com


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