Weekly Challenge

Currently this is the only single player mode we have available.

It consists in a series of 40 challenges that are provided each 2 weeks clearing each challenge will yield a surprise box.

So to start this mode tap/ click the challenge button, notice that it will have the time remaining to end the challenge

It will open an map with 40(!) stages, as we said before these will change each two weeks (15 days or 336 hours)

Also notice the top left corner, aside from the regular chips and cash you will notice hearts, these represent the number of lives you have to use. Each level cost one heart, and while they recover (after 6 hours without playing) you can also buy them at the shop or request a few (and give them as well) from your friends.

Picking a stage will start the challenge and each frame will have different obstacles for you to take on.

At the beginning of the stage you will get a notice stating the number of points you need to clear the level, it will also be available on the top right of the screen next to your user details and it will show your progress.

Be skillful, negotiate the obstacles and aim for the strike.

Of course you can use the obstacles for your own advantage (case in point the "Jump Pad")

So now that you cleared the level you advance to the next one but before that don't forget to collect the gift we send you for clearing the level

If you have any other question about this mode feel free to ask us by using this nifty form




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