On Bowling King choosing the right equipment may be the deciding factor between a win and a loss.

So you may want to check our equipment shop to see our wares.

For your convenience, we have divided the equipment shop into two:

An In-game currency shop which is divided in:

-Bowling Balls.

-- Bowling Balls can be bought with Chips or Cash. They have two specific attributes, Maximum Power that is self explanatory and Maximum Hook that refers to the spin that you can apply to the Ball, as the value grows the tighter the angle the ball will make.

-Bowling Pins.

--Pins are acquired by collecting them on 1-on-1 games or with Diamonds, while their use is aesthetic they also have a deeper purpose. Depending on the set you may get a percentage of the entry fee credited back to your account. 

-Bowling Lanes.

--Similar to the Pins they can be acquired by collecting them or with Diamonds, lanes also have both an aesthetic and functional purpose, sure  they look awesome in the stage but they also can give you extra chips depending on the stage that they are applied to. 


A in game usable shop that has items that may enhance your gameplay.

These are consumables that you can use during any match, these can be won by clearing challenges, achievements or won in the Roullete but most times have to be bought. 

At the moment we have these two available:

-No Gutter,which removes the gutter and you have no chance but hit the pins

-Size Up, which momentarily increases the mass of your Ball and makes it easier for you to hit the pins 

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