In Game Currencies

There are 5 types of currencies in Bowling King, each can be used for various purposes so in order to make it easier we will explain the purpose and how to get them.

Starting with


This is the most common currency in Bowling King

They are used in 1-on-1 games as well as friend challenges, when you win  these sort of matches you will be awarded with more chips

You can  purchase them within the shop as the picture suggests but there also are other methods to get them, for instance you can:

-Play Minigames <link to Minigames article>

-Collecting them for free in the game

-Watching Video Ads*

-Logging in with Facebook (for the first time) and Inviting Friends

-Getting a high rank in Rankings

-Clearing stages in Weekly Challenges

Clearing Achievements


Then the secondary currency:


This can be used to play the Roulette and to purchase Bowling Balls

You can purchase it in the shop and also by:

-Inviting Friends from Facebook

-Getting a high rank in Rankings

-Clearing stages in Weekly Challenges

-Clearing Achievements

These are not exactly Currencies but are consumables that you may need to use


Tickets are used to play the Slot Machine

-These can be bought on the shop, or earned by logging in each day

These are used to get Bowling Pins and Lanes they can only be purchases on the Shop



Not exactly a currency, but it is needed to participate in the weekly challenge.

They are consumed each time you fail a level in challenge mode but will be restored if you wait long enough, or happen to have friends willing to share their hearts

You can also purchase them in the store.

If you are having issues with receiving your items you can always contact us by using this form.

Don't forget to add your UID, and the receipt for the purchase.

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