Mini Games

Bowling King has (for the time being) two Minigames, these can be played anytime, provided the conditions for playing are available, meaning that you need to have the items the Mini-games require to play them

Starting with:

The Slot Machine  

There are two situations in which you can use the Slot Machine:

-Each day on your first log in part of our daily slot giveaway

-Or whenever you have Tickets to spare

To use it is simple.

-You only have to drag the handle on the left side of the screen down and watch the counters spin.

-When they stop, you will get a reward, it's that straightforward 

Please note that the higher amount of Tickets you use the higher the prize yield will be.


Then the next one:

The Roullete  

The Roulette uses Cash it only gives one award per spin.

You can spin up to 10 times automatically but it will cost you 50 Cash.

There are a variety of awards you can win, with Unique Bowling Balls being displayed at the top of the Roulette and the rest of them slightly below the Roulette. 


That's it for the Mini Games for now should there be any other change we will make you aware.

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