Create or edit your Avatar (Yo-me)

If you want to create or edit your avatar you will need to:

  • Click in the square with a image next to the search bar.

  • When a new window open you can select "edit avatar" and edit your avatar as you prefer.

Unfortunately the option to edit your avatar is only available in our webpage, and to change it you need to use a computer, since the mobile versions automatically redirects you to our mobile version of our page and games.

Please note that once you create your Yo-me you will not be able to change the gender or delete it. We can recommend two possible solutions.

  • You should still be able to make changes to the Yo-me to make it look more male or female. This can be accomplished by changing their facial features, outfits, and backgrounds. You can even change the selected Yo-me to a male or female celebrity Yo-me.
  • You can use your profile picture from Facebook or Google + you just need to merge your account.
  • Our other recommendation is to delete the whole profile. Please remember that deleting your account will fully erase all records of its existence from our system, but you will be able to create a new profile with the same email address.

Hope it helps you.

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