Purchased something and did not receive it

Hi there,

If you purchased something and did not receive what you expected or have not received nothing at all, please do not worry you will get what you purchased, but in this case we will need some help from your side as well, in order to understand why you have not received what you purchased and fix this issue we will need the following information:

Your unique ID: (you can click in the name of the game you are playing to understand)

 The receipt of your purchase:

(We will give you some examples that may help you find your receipt you just need to click in the name)

  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Google Play - click on each purchase to get the full receipt. You can also find receipts in your email inbox.
  • iTunes
  • Xsolla (at this moment we do not have an article to help you find the receipt but you can click the name and you will be redirected to their customer support that can provide that information)

Please bear with us, this will make the process faster and will allow us to understand the problem.

Best Regards.

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