Plague Inc crashes




  • Permanently deleted user

    Completely agree!

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  • Sheila Smith

    I completely agree also! I have been having the same thing happening no matter what device I use, the game loads and then when I start playing it crashes, once in a while it will go back to where I was playing but I lose my turn and I lose the game or it won't go back where I was but I lose all my coins. And when you are playing one that takes 100.000 or more it really sucks, I had around $600.000 and now around $200.000 and that's just from the game crashing . why won't you guys fix this. I really miss this game and have a high status. And don't won't to give that up. Please fix this game!

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  • Juan Carlos Fajardo

    This is a ridiculous solution. I had reset my phone before and when I downloaded the game the progress was never restored. The app started crashing and I followed these steps. Same thing, I lost all of my progress. This used to be one of my favorite games. You have drastically dropped your quality.

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  • Amanda Hontier

    Problem resolution consists of finger-pointing everything except the app itself, as if it's immune to errors.   


    A little transparency would help alot.

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