Multiplayer – Classic mode

Hello Archers!

Here are some thing you should know when playing the Classic Mode of Archery King:

  • Basic rules  
    1. Two players shoot 2~3 arrows per set.
    2. A player who scores higher wins a set.
    3. A player who wins 2 sets first wins a game.

  • Shoot-off
    1. If the final winner isn’t decided after 3 sets are finished. shoot-offs decide the final winner.
    2. In shoot-offs, two players shoot an arrow in turn, and a player whose arrow hits a spot nearer to the target’s center wins the game.


  • Entry fee and rental fee
    1. Two players pay certain amount of chips as entry fees per venue, and the winner takes the sum of entry fees from both participants as the prize.
    2. In some venues, certain % of rental fees are deducted from the prize.

And remember an archer cannot hit the bullseye without knowing where the target is!

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