Equipment and skills

Hello Archers!

All sports have equipment and Archery King is no different, here is what you need to know about the game equipment:

  • Equipment category and unique skills
  1. Archery King provides 4 equipment types, with their own unique skills.
  2. Each equipment can have only a single skill.





Draw bow faster

You draw your bow faster.

Especially useful in Rush mode.  


Resist wind

Your arrow resists wind effects

Bow Sight


You zoom-in targets to aim more easily.



Power makes your arrow fly faster against wind.

Especially useful in Rush mode.

Winner bonus

You earn % of entry fee as bonus when you win.

Cheer-up bonus

You earn back % of entry fee when you lose. 

  • Durabilities 
  1. Each bow other than the basic bow has its own durability which decreases per shot.
  2. A bow with zero durability loses all of its skill effects.
  3. You can pay chips to repair bows, to recover their durabilities to maximum.

  • Consumable equipment
  1. Special arrows are consumable equipment.
  2. While equipping a pack of special arrows, a single special arrow is spent per shot.
  3. After spending all special arrows equipped, you get to equip the basic arrow type instead, which is infinite in numbers.


  • Purchasing equipment


  1. You can purchase various equipment by spending Chips or Cash.
  2. Equipment with higher prices have better skills.

And remember an archer cannot hit the bullseye if he doesn't know where the target is!

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