Can I play with my friends in Mini Football?




  • Sérgio Tapadas

    Hi, you guys should think to make this option available, otherwise the game will become the way the 1 vs 1 we play against bot or really people? I see lots of comments saying that we play against bot but i have other opinion...

    You should have a look at the change player bottom because happens all many time, we switch but to other player, not the player near to the ball.

    Tournaments, it's crucial to do that, mini tournaments and something to train the free-kicks and penalty kick.

    Nice game 4*

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  • iConcept

    I am very disappointed such an interesting and exciting game like this football I have not seen again in vain I can not play with my friend

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  • Jason

    This would definitely be an amazing feature.  Competing with my friends and family through the Leaderboard just doesn't cut it.  We want to actually play against each other to see who is actually the best!  :)

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