Suspensions, bans and exploits-related related issues

  • My leaderboard winnings have not been increasing!

If during your gaming session, you win games but, when you check your leaderboard, the value and stand of your winnings remain the same, you may have been temporarily suspended from our leaderboard.

This occurs when exploits such as third party applications or game modifiers have been tracked in your account. 

You will still be able to access your account, and you are able to play as normal, however you will not gain progress on the weekly leaderboards, for a while.

If you continue to use exploits after this, we may increase the leaderboard suspension time for an indefinite amount of time, or even apply a balance suspension or permanent ban.

Miniclip will not provide you with any information with regards to the duration of the leaderboard suspension, or as to what exploits were being tracked.

Make sure to uninstall every application that helps you gain an advantage against your opponents.

  • I received a warning pop up on my account and my balance was reset!

This is a sign that Miniclip just provided you with a last warning before executing a permanent action.

Your account was flagged by our system for suspicious behavior, and your balance was reduced.

Take this as a last chance to start over and play the game as it was intended, without modifications, or exploits.

If you have any apps or tools installed on your device that would allow you to modify or help you play the game, please make sure to uninstall these apps or tools immediately. If you have been transferring coins between accounts, that too violates the rules of the game.

  • My account has been banned!

Accounts that have had multiples tracked exploits are permanently banned and will not be reactivated.

Exploits include, but are not limited to, trying to transfer coins between accounts, and using third party game modifiers.

Miniclip reserves the right to ban an account without previously giving it a warning, if such action is considered necessary by us.

 Miniclip will NOT be sharing its tools and methods for finding and proving misuse and inappropriate behavior. Miniclip will also not provide you with the amount of instances or the dates on which they were tracked.

If you contact us asking for that information, it will not be provided to you.

  • Can i get a warning, suspension or ban removed?


We have a very reliable system that tracks, warns and removes players from the game when there is enough proof of exploits.

Permanent bans, suspensions and warnings will not be revoked or removed.

If your account is flagged or banned, we will not be able to delete it from our system

If your account is banned, you will not be able to unlink this account from Facebook, or change the email of the banned account.

Please play the game as it is meant to be played, and you will never have to experience any of the above described situations.

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