Facebook Accounts and Connection

Facebook Connect:

This exists so a user can create an Miniclip ID using a Facebook account.

It also will allow users who already have a Miniclip ID, to connect that account to their Facebook one. However, there are a few restrictions:

1) You can only link a Miniclip account to a Facebook account if they are using the same email!
If you have a Miniclip ID that is, as an example, example@miniclip.com, you will NOT be able to link it to Facebook account example@moderation.com. Linking implies the details for both accounts are one and the same.

2) You can only link a Miniclip account to a Facebook account that is NOT already in our system.
If you are playing with Miniclip Unique ID 112332441, you CAN NOT link that to a Facebook account where you already play our games, and have the Unique ID 112334215. That would not be called linking, and instead merging, which is something Miniclip does not support.

Facebook discrepancies:

When you have a Miniclip ID, and decide you want to link that account to your Facebook one, please bear in mind, as previously explained, account details consistency is needed.

Errors can occur if Facebook account log in is, as an example, example@miniclip.com, but your primary email address on Facebook is something like 12345678901233@facebook.com. You can check that information and change it accordingly by opening facebook.com, signing in, then clicking on "Settings". Under "primary email", you should see the same email you use to log into Facebook, NOT a @facebook.com email address.

Errors can also occur if you decide to change your Facebook log in email AFTER connecting your Miniclip ID with your Facebook account. As an example, if you have the account example@miniclip.com, already a Miniclip ID and currently connected to Facebook, and you change your Facebook email to example@moderation.com, the details no longer match. Same applies to changing the Facebook password after connecting that account to your Miniclip ID.

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