How to change or reset your password

If you forgot your password, do not worry. There are ways to reset it!


If you remember the email that you used to create the account and you still have access to that inbox, then you should be able to do it yourself by following the steps below.


  • If you are not signed in:


Look at the top right hand corner of our page. You should see this screen:


Select Signup/Login and the screen will change. A pop-up will appear allowing you to login via Facebook or Miniclip ID. If you want to Sign In, simply put in your details and hit the Sign In option. If you are trying to create a new account altogether, then add the email and password you wish to have and then select Register.


Click on I forgot my password and you will be prompt to type your email address in. You will be sent a new password to your inbox. You can change it back to one of your choice once you are logged in using the same steps listed below.


  • If you are signed in:


If you are signed in, you will have to click on your Username at the top right hand corner of the page. You will then see this screen:


Select the option Edit Profile, which will take you to the Player Page. Here you will select the Password tab;

 Once you select this option, the screen will change. On the screen that follows, you will have to type in your current password and then type your new one. Once this is done, hit Save Settings;


And that's it! The screen will then appears as follows, to confirm the changes were saved:


From here on, you will have a new password and you can keep on having fun!

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